Dear Cast and Crew is a series of open letters to the people behind the most powerful medium in the world.

It’s not just the big names who make a movie worth watching. The smallest contribution from the most unlikely source can be the most rewarding element of a film. Those people deserve to be praised. And sometimes they deserve to share the blame.

That’s why we write our letters.

The Guilty Parties

Jared Young – Inspector General
A title reserved for our pickiest writer, who strong-armed his way into being the site’s de-facto editor-in-chief. As a result, please send all hate mail his way.

Casey Tourangeau – Station Manager
You know that guy in the engine room, covered in soot, screaming “SHE’S GONNA BLOW, DAMN YOU!!”? That’s Casey. Only the soot is our HTML code… and his rants against the Bayification of cinema.

Christopher Redmond – Postmaster
Honorary title awarded for having the best personal time management and cranking out the most reviews. By, like, a lot.

Cory Haggart – Special Delivery Agent
He may not write as often as he’d like, but when he does, it’s always special. Yes, in the Olympic sense.

Di Golding – Route Officer
Nobody knows exactly what a Route Officer does, but stay the fuck out of her way. Once Di gets on a roll, no recipient is left standing.

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