The Master

By Jared Young

Mailed on October 09, 2012

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Dear Lancaster Dodd
Leader of The Cause

Dear Lancaster,

Good day, sir. I hope this letter finds you well. I'm writing to you in hopes of learning more about the program you're offering. I was at the local movie house recently and watched the newsreel documentary The Master, which reported on your curative relationship with the troubled drifter Freddie Quell. While I am not a naval veteran like Mr. Quell, and suffer only from mild versions of the sexual psychoses and alcoholic crackups that he does, I nonetheless believe that the psychological processing you put him through would be beneficial on my journey towards self-actualization.

You see, Freddie and I seek the same things in life: a coherent narrative, a few satisfying surprises, and perpetual aesthetic joy. And that is evidently what you offer, Mr. Dodd. And so I will state my intentions plainly: I would like to become a member of The Cause. I can assure you that my mind is wide open to new and exciting ways of exploring the spiritual world. Particularly the type of immortal cosmic adventuring you so eloquently promote.

To be honest, I think I would make a much better companion than Mr. Quell. I'm much less erratic in my behavior, and much less prone to sudden outbursts of wild-eyed violence (and flatulence). He certainly is an odd fellow, wouldn't you say? He doesn't walk, but shambles. He doesn't speak, but grumbles. With his narrow shoulders and scarred face, he seems, in his physical presence alone, a proxy for the dark side of post-war America. The verve with which he performs his heedless antagonisms is almost frightening. Yet, he is perhaps the most fascinating fellow I've met all year.

I wish Mr. Quell would have more clearly recognized the beauty inherent in the belief system you preach. The way you frame each scenario of your ecumenical mythology recalls a classical sort of visual design met with modern anarchistic perspectives. This is spiritual movement as high art. Immersive, subjective, sometimes lethargic, but ultimately edifying. I am very impressed.

Please answer this letter by sending me whatever literature I should familiarize myself with in preparation of my Processing. Please note that I am willing, also, to canvass outside local theatres to spread the word to non-believers.

Master, I feel as if we've already begun our journey together.

Your humble servant,

Jared Young

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