Under African Skies

By Casey Tourangeau

Mailed on March 18, 2012

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Dear Joshua L. Pearson

Dear Joshua,

Screw you man.

No, seriously.

Editing a documentary--especially one with so much musical performance--is a truly difficult task. And you made it look easy. Those scenes of Paul Simon reuniting with the South African musicians from Graceland? Masterful--they perfectly captured the joy of these artists playing together

Was structuring the film around the sit-down between Simon and Dali Trambo, the founder of Artists Against Apartheid your idea as well? It reminds me of one of director Joe Berlinger's earlier collaborations with co-director Bruce Sinofsky, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. Either way, it was a nice way to represent both sides of the controversy that sprung up around Simon's seminal 1985 album. Maybe in the end, Simon's side gets a little more attention (the film clearly sides with his arguments), but the depiction was much more even handed than I expected.

Sadly, editing this seamless and effective often goes unnoticed, so take it as a compliment when no one mentions how well this film is put together. Well, no one except for me.

So in summary: screw you.

Yours in annoyance,

Casey the Bitter

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