Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

By Christopher Redmond

Mailed on March 21, 2012

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Dear Paula Jack
Dialect Coach

Dear Paula,

As a Canadian, I'm always delighted to hear witty dialogue roll effortlessly off a British tongue. The polished and mannered delivery makes smart seem positively brilliant. I can tell you fussed over the finer points of Kristen Scott Thomas's uptight take on the cutthroat political class. I could hear it in Amr Wakes' soft spoken Western-Arab sermons. It was there in Ewan McGregor's layman interpretation of scientific-speak. And Emily Blunt's pitch-perfect overall charm is just beyond reproach. Altogether, Salmon Fishing in Yemen is such a light and airy affair that the whole thing floats along on personality alone. Still, I hoped the story would at least try to swim against the current of a standard romantic comedy. The film unfortunately confuses exotic locations with originality, evidenced by the matter-of-fact title itself. Although I do admit, it all sounds more poetic in the Queen's English. Thanks to you.

Hearing you loud and clear,


P.S. I hope you saved your A-game for The Dark Knight Rises. That gig could prove to be the 'Bane' of your existence.

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