Ghosts of Ghostbusters: Theoni V. Aldredge

By Cory Haggart

Mailed on August 26, 2014

Dear Theoni V. Aldredge
Costume Designer

Dear Theoni,

For a designer who won praise and awards for musicals and costume dramas, I find it weird and wonderful that you worked on Ghostbusters.

The result, which contrasts your usual golden gowns and flawless tuxes, lacks none of the detail. It's pure understated geek cred, which serves the movie perfectly. Those earth-tone button-downs, pullovers, blazers, and khakis each member of the professional paranormal investigations and eliminations outfit perfectly. The clothes emphasize that our heroes are nobodies--a gang of misfits and losers who luck into a profitable business, and, eventually, a chance to save the world.

For a movie made in 1984, this one has aged so very well. The only people who dress in embarrassing 80s style are those who are supposed to be completely embarrassing. The best example is Lewis Tully, aka. Vice Clortho, aka. The Keymaster of Gozer (aka. Rick Moranis). He's all about velour tracksuits and turtlenecks beneath shiny collared shirts. So he probably deserves everything that happens to him. The real costume showcase, however, is Dana Barrett; as the central party of interest - and exponentially classier than everyone else - you made her look the part of the self-reliant damsel in distress.

Your work in Ghostbusters could have all been done yesterday, ten years ago, or ten years from now. Like the movie itself., this shit will never get old. Thank you for helping make it so.

Everlastingly yours,


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