The Intern

By Ankit Verma

Mailed on September 28, 2015

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Dear Vegan Chocolate Cake

Dear Vegan Chocolate Cake,

You’re not just a baked good. You’re so much more.

I should explain: during the filming of the new feel-good clashing-generations comedy The Intern, Anne Hathaway allegedly refused to eat a piece of birthday cake for a scene because it would clash with her vegan diet. As a substitute, you were brought in so that she could continue the scene.

Anyone who has ever tried to ruin their lives by going on a diet understands the determination that is required to see it through—despite all the obstacles that stand in the way. Sure, Anne Hathaway inconvenienced the production of a major motion picture for her diet, but isn’t that in some way commendable? To stick to your goal even if there are negative outcomes? To want something so bad that you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen?

Don’t you see, pastry? You represent Anne Hathaway’s uncompromising determination. And The Intern is a film all about determination.

Anne plays the founder and CEO of About The Fit, a e-commerce fashion company, which has grown in less than two years to employ over 200 people, and, like most modern female protagonists in these sorts of films, struggles to juggle her work life with her personal life. Why? Because she’s determined to have every aspect of her company match her vision. When the decorative paper in an About The Fit package isn’t up to her standards, she stops in at the distribution warehouse so she can show the workers exactly how she wants it done—then heads to the office to start her day. She’s the sort of woman who knows what she wants (the same way Anne Hathaway knows that she wants you.)


Increased pressures threaten to break her, investors suggest bringing in an experienced CEO to keep up with increasing customer demand, but she finds solace in an unusual place: her senior intern, played by Robert DeNiro, who ends up in that position through a new community outreach program designed to educate senior citizens on modern life.

Similarly, DeNiro is determined to prove that despite his age, he’s still an asset. He refuses to spend his final stretch of life in an empty home. To him, old age is just an excuse to live young.

With his help, Hathaway is able to deal with the unending heap of shit thrown her way, and leads her company to even greater successes.

The Intern plays heavily on the emotional end of the scale. It touches on themes like old age, the still-existent patriarchy, and declining human connection. To be honest, when I saw the trailer, I was convinced that this movie is going to be pretty mediocre, but, to my surprise, it left me feeling a tad bit inspired. 

It’s also pretty funny. De Niro and Hathaway have good chemistry, and the tried-but-true comedic interactions between the old, out of touch sage and the tech-savvy Millennials is a great recipe for decent laughs.

Gen X-ers are getting older and Gen Z-ers are making waves. Our world is moving faster and we’re going to need to adapt quicker—and one of the best ways to do that is stick to your guns and order some vegan cake.



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