Top 5 Reviews: By the Numbers

By Dear Cast & Crew

Mailed on March 16, 2017

Dear Fans of DC&C,

You have some explaining to do.

The following reviews, essays, lists and interviews have received the most traffic since we launched Dear Cast and Crew five years ago. For the next five weeks, we'll be taking the excuse to highlight some of our best and most-read pieces. We have over 800 reviews, dozens of special features, and more than few replies from the actual people we've written. Lots of great stuff to catch up on if you haven't read it before.

So let's start as objectively as possible before we start play favourites. These are the pieces that you, the readers, have been most attracted to so far:


  1. Grown Ups 2
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Titanic 3D
  4. Top 10 Uncredited Heroes of Jurassic Park
  5. The Dark Knight Rises

Top Essays

  1. American Sniper's Magic Bullet Theory
  2. The Case Against Andy Serkis
  3. Ghosts of Ghostbusters
  4. Why Gone Girl Makes me Sad for the State of Cinema
  5. Canada's Hottest Filmmaker is Making a Hollywood Movie — and a Classic Mistake

Top Lists / Interviews

  1. Top 10 Uncredited Heroes of Jurassic Park
  2. 10 Questions with Randall William Cook, Animation Supervisor
  3. 9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Little Mermaid
  4. Holy F#ck, Boys! We Interview the Trailer Park Boys
  5. Redmond's Top Films of 2013

Top 5 – 2012

  1. Titanic 3D
  2. The Dark Knight Rises
  3. The Hunger Games
  4. Django Unchained
  5. Life of Pi

Top 5 – 2013

  1. Grown Ups 2
  2. Man of Steel
  3. World War Z
  4. Stoker
  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

Top 5 – 2014

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street
  2. Robocop
  3. Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 & 2
  4. A Million Ways to Die in the West
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Top 5 – 2015

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey
  2. Sisters
  3. Wild
  4. It Follows
  5. Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Top 5 – 2016

  1. A Bigger Splash
  2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  3. A Hologram for the King
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. The Witch


Dear Cast & Crew

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