The Film-Lover's Valentine

By Dear Cast & Crew

Mailed on February 13, 2019

Dear Film-Lovers,

We've put together a chained melody for that special someone in your life. It's a montage of one of our favourite movie tropes, and a super sexy reminder of what it means to have one lucky person by your side through thick and thin. In short, it's the ultimate Valentine video for film lovers.

Watch. Share. Spread the love.

In our research, we came to learn a few things about the history of being handcuffed together in Hollywood. Not every movie we found made the cut, and not every movie that promised the handcuff routine delivered on the promise. Below you'll find some of the best movie poster examples of the genre, including the "cuff teases" that don't deliver the goods (shame on you Skiptrace and Bounty Hunter!)


Dear Cast & Crew

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