The worst movies of all time
The worst movies of all time

By Dear Cast & Crew

Dear Animation Fans,

How did we get drawn into this one?

For this instalment of our Worst Movies A-Z series with WatchMojo, we’re looking at the sloppiest animated films ever made. Just a non-stop parade of hand-crafted pain. Enjoy:

As you can see, we gave ourselves some guidelines:

  1. Worst film per letter
  2. Skip articles in the title (the, an, a, etc.)
  3. Big let-downs more likely to be picked

We could have filled the entire list with just direct-to-video drudge (and don’t worry, there is plenty of that), but once-in-a-while you need to call out the big boys who really phoned it in - usually on the third of fourth instalment of a tired franchise.

But, as they say, failure is the best teacher, so here’s a bit of what we learned along the way:


By a country mile. We’ve never had such a lop-sided win for a decade. But as animated technology got easier to use, the people using it also got a whole lot lazier. And when animated movies are bad, they are BAD.

Somehow having trolls or the Titanic in an animated film just spells disaster. A Troll in Central Park, Trollz, _Titanic: The Legend Goes On_… and we didn’t use In Search of the Titanic, but that one also is a tragedy. Add in a horrendously animated movie The Ten Commandments, and a shockingly bad Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cash grab, and you’ve got yourself a solid argument for staying away from animated T films.

If you’re a fan of Pixar (or good filmmaking), it’s really easy to hate on Planes. You just have to remember that it’s made for a pre-school audience - a very different demographic than their normal films. And if you accept that, you can almost accept how bad it is. Almost.

BEST BATTLE: Delgo vs Doogal
Are these really even two different movies? Has anyone ever seen them together in the same place? It’s really a coin toss as to which one is worse, but we called heads because of all the famous ones that lent their voice to this film (Judi Dench, Ian McKellan, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, William H. Macy, Chevy Chase, Bill Hader, John Krsinski… seriously the list just keeps going.)

If people see Yoda in the thumbnail and throw a fit, they are obviously thinking about the TV series, and not the feature film. This movie is an insult to Star Wars fans and animation fans - an absolutely trash looking movie that feels like a mockery to its base. But if you’re that big of a Star Wars fan that you’re blind to its faults… we can’t help you.

Think your list would be better (aka worse)? Let us know.


Dear Cast & Crew

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