21 Jump Street

By Jared Young

Mailed on March 15, 2012

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Dear Victoria St. Pierre

Dear Victoria,

I'm assuming, from your job title, that you make molds. Of faces, say. Or genitalia, perhaps. And from these molds (I'm further assuming) came the prosthetics that contribute to two of the biggest surprises in 21 Jump Street. And this perfectly absurd reimagining of the 80s cop show turns out to be full of surprises. How well Channing Tatum's knucklehead charm translates into comedy; how cleverly the conceit of two narcotics cops going undercover at high school is both embraced and subverted; the unexpected affection it has for its source material. But truly, that nose and that penis--excellent mold work, Victoria. The latter elicited the loudest laugh, and the former provided me the most genuine and pleasant shock I can remember having in a movie theatre. I'd congratulate you further, but I think the pleasure you had while making those molds was probably more rewarding that any praise I can give you.



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