By Jared Young

Mailed on March 02, 2012

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Dear Michael Dean

Dear Michael,

Hey Michael. How are things? Feeling drained? Being a stand-in is no easy feat, I know. Especially when you're standing in the latent heat of Paul Rudd's charm. I picture it like a sort of terrestrial version of the Van Allen radiation belt: big elliptical oblongs of handsomeness and charisma. Could you feel it? Even just a tingle? One gets the feeling that it's waning a bit, but who cares; he can still carry a mediocre flick. Luckily, Wanderlust is pretty damn funny. It's as good, quantitatively, as his most recent pairing with director David Wain, Role Models, but trades the man-child grotesqueries for yuppie neurotics (which isn't to say that it doesn't get wonderfully grotesque). This all brings me to my real question: is he as cool in real life as he is in my head? If so, do you think we could all hang out together sometime? Maybe get an apartment together? Just ask him. See what he says. No biggie.



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