Top Tweets from the 2013 Oscars

By Dear Cast & Crew

Mailed on February 25, 2013

Dear Acadamy,

It was an evening of glitz, glamour and drunken cat-calling during the live Oscar broadcast at the historic Mayfair Theatre. Dear Cast and Crew presented the biggest Oscar party in Canada and made full use of the capacity crowd. Life of Pi was cheered, Argo was booed, and we handed out incredible prizes (including an exact replica of Bradley Cooper's sweat-stained garbage-bag muscle-shirt from Silver Linings Playbook) to our live-tweeting fans in the audience.

Here are some of the best tweets we received during our #DearAcademy live-tweeting event:

For more thoughts on the 2013 Oscars, listen to Dear Cast and Crew's Christopher Redmond review the show on Live.88.5 radio in Ottawa, ON.


Dear Cast & Crew

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