2021 Silver Stamps

By Dear Cast & Crew

Mailed on March 29, 2022

Dear Readers,

We know - 2021 feels like forever ago. We’ve had war and convoys and variants and no shortage of drama to consume our lives. But we like to time our Silver Stamps as a counterpoint to Hollywood's golden statuettes, so here we are. A blast into the not-so-distant past and the movies that mattered the most - for better and worse.


Best Resurrection of Dead Characters: Matrix Resurrections

Worst Resurrection of Dead Actors: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Most Delicious Meal - Mushroom-Stuffed Pastries with Truffles in Pig

Most Disgusting Meal - Pearls in Spencer

Best Sex Toy - Benedetta

Best Sex Boy - Red Rocket

Worst Sex Boy - Adam Driver in The Last Duel

Most Ridiculous Jared Leto Performance: tie: House of Gucci, The Little Things, WeCrashed

Most Cynical Exploitation of Corporate Synergy: Captain America Shield in Free Guy

Most Satisfying Exploitation of Corporate Synergy: Spider-man: No Way Home

Best Bonkers Twist - Malignant

Worst Bonkers Twist - Old

Holy Shit He Can Sing - Ansel Elgort in West Side Story

Oh Shit He Can’t Sing - Peter Dinklage in Cyrano

Best Original Musical: Bo Burnham Inside

Best Unoriginal Musical: West Side Story

Best Origin of a Musical: tick, tick… BOOM!

Worst Adapted Musical: Dear Evan Hansen

Worst Controversy From a Musical: In The Heights

Worst Title: Licorice Pizza

Best Title: The Worst Person in the World

Best Use of a Car: F9 Drive My Car

Worst Use of a Car: F9 _Titane

Best Annual Liam Neeson Reluctant Action Hero Film: The Marksman

Worst Annual Liam Neeson Reluctant Action Hero Film: The Ice Road

Worst Trapped in an Apartment Thriller: The Woman in the Window

Best Trapped in an Apartment Thriller: Bo Burnham Inside

Netflix Award for Laziest Clickbait: Red Notice

Netflix Award for Laziest Awardsbait: Don’t Look Up

The Power of the Dong Award - The Power of the Dog Red Rocket


Dear Cast & Crew

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